The Action Real Estate School program is tremendously successful because it condenses the work into the shortest timeframe possible. When you go to take the state exam, you will have the training fresh in your mind and it will have been delivered by the most passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced instructors in the Southland.  With our help, you can launch your successful and rewarding career in a matter of months.

Registration seminars are held weekly. You can begin at any time, so call (562) 216-1234 for more information or click here to register for a free and informative orientation.

Why Combine A Real Estate Franchise with A Real Estate School?

To accomplish the goal of a professional Real Estate office, Century 21 Action! requires all of its agents to go through extensive training at the beginning of their career and to continue that training on a regular basis.  The financing, marketing, and legal aspects of real estate field are always changing.  A Real Estate professional has to be able to navigate these changes and incorporate innovations in communications and technology.  This is why Action Real Estate School concentrates on the following training areas for agents:


Legal Aspects:

  • Contracts and the correct use of disclosures
  • Preventing legal problems
  • City and Physical Inspections


  • Sellers
  • Buyers
  • Agents
  • Escrows
  • Lenders
  • Termite Inspectors
  • Housing Inspectors
  • Title Officers
  • Attorneys


  • Fulfilling Client Needs
  • Maximizing Property Exposure
  • Obtaining Highest Value
  • Forms and Contracts
  • Property Valuation
  • Sales Negotiations


  • Fulfilling Client Needs
  • Assisting Buyers in Financial Analysis
  • Assessing Neighborhoods
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Clarifying Disclosures

 Building a Business:

  • Understanding the Sales Process
  • Understanding the Client
  • Developing a Client List
  • Advertising


  • Putting the Client First
  • Fiduciary Relationship
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Complete Transparency

5 Things it Takes to Succeed as a Real Estate Professional

By Dave Utterback

I have been involved in training and managing Real Estate Professionals for over 30 years.  There are five items that the successful real estate agents have that unsuccessful ones do not. 

  • Prospecting:  You can have no communication skills, no people skills, little real estate knowledge, and still succeed if you do one thing: Talk to people about real estate (a lot of people).  The less skills you have, the more people you have to talk to; but this fact still remains.  On the other hand, if you have communications skills, people skills, knowledge, and you talk to a lot of people about real estate; you can become very, very successful.
  • Hard to Offend:  People don’t like to be sold, and they say things that can be offensive.  Real Estate is a soft sell, you can’t make somebody buy or sell a house, and your job is only to be helpful.  Most clients are fearful of buying or selling because of the financial pressure and the complexity of the transaction process.  Your job is to guide them through this fear.  When people are fearful they do and say things that can be offensive.  You can’t take it personally, so don’t be offended.
  • Be Knowledgeable:  Know the contract and the real estate forms that you are assisting the client with.  If you do not know these forms, it can be tempting to act unethically and not explain them well.  This does the client a huge disservice.  You need at least a basic understanding of the real estate transaction process and what the contracts mean.  The real estate test will not necessarily teach you this.  You need to associate with a strong training school like Action Real Estate School and a strong real rstate franchise like Century 21 Action! to get the initial training and the on-the-job continual education needed to become an effective professional.
  • Persistence and Understanding:  I have always said that selling real estate, especially residential real estate, is like trying to help a 4 year old child who is afraid of the dark into a dark room.  You have to gently push the child with an empathetic demeanor.  With the client, you will sometimes have to gently push them in the direction they say they want to go while keeping them comfortable.  This is not an easy line to walk.
  • Follow Up:  Real estate is a long term sale.  What you do today may not have results for six months or a year.  The better an agent is at following up with leads and clients, the easier it is for them to succeed.  It is as simple as that.


7 Reasons to Choose Action School

  1. A live instructor who is legendary in the field of sales training.  He will not only teach you how to pass the test but will also keep you motivated to take the test.
  2. A well trained staff that has assisted literally thousands of students to pass the real estate exam.  They are there to help answer any of your questions and to make sure you not only pass the exam but you understand the real estate business as seen through the real estate industry.
  3. Course material that will give you inside knowledge to the real estate exam.
  4. A real estate exam date in the shortest amount of time allowed by law.
  5. Central location right next to the 405 Freeway in Long Beach.
  6. Weekly guest speakers who will inspire you to keep studying.
  7. We'll push you...because we know you probably need it.